Patricia Ermecheo - Osom

Patricia Ermecheo, Environmental entrepreneurFounder & CEO of OSOMTEX and Osom Brand, companies committed to innovate and keep clothing-textiles waste away from landfills, pioneering the circular economy in the fashion industry by offering the world a GRS patented high-quality upcycled yarns and apparel goods made from 100% post-consumer and post-industrial textile blends. Since Patricia started her sustainability mission in 2011 she has diverted more than 40 million pounds of clothing waste, saved more than 10+ million gallons of water and prevented tons of Carbon emissions from polluting Earth by avoiding the utilization of virgin resources like cotton and polyester and rethinking the supply chain. Patricia’s work and sustainable yarns can be seen in collaboration with some of the biggest names of the fashion industry such as Stella McCartney and most recently with Nike driving sustainable innovations in their sustainable supply chain and advanced product development for the move to zero movement, the Space Hippie collection and the Vapormax 2020 for the USA team at the Tokyo Olympics among other apparel collections coming up.