Paloma Teppa - Plant The Future

Paloma Teppa is the founder and creative director ofPlant the Future, which focuses on connecting people with nature through art and design. She was born in the countryside of Cordoba, Argentina, where her love for nature was rooted. Trained in industrial design, her work explores the relationships between ecosystems and urban life, and situates her practice within a context of mutual concessions among plants and humans. She melds herbotanic knowledge to produce innately interactive installations that unravel multisensory experiences composed by nature’s pure colors, textures and sounds.

Yair Marcoschamer is the co-founder and Chief ExecutiveGardener of Plant the Future. He was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he developed an early love of nature. After studying business administration inBoston, he decided to dedicate his life to entrepreneurship with a focus on environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Yair leads the development of the company alongside his wife Paloma and the Plant the Future team.